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7 Sensible Savings Tips for Senior Citizens

In a world where expenses are on the rise every day, it’s important for senior citizens – especially those on a fixed income – to spend smart and save more. Check out these tips:
  • Shop on senior citizen days. You can save some big bucks in the form of discounts on designated senior citizen days at many grocery and department stores. Most stores discount your bill without you having to ask, but sometimes you may have to remind them.
  • Shop at charity stores. Want to read a novel or purchase a gift for your grandchildren? Save some cash at a charity store, and contribute to an important social cause while you’re doing it.
  • Buy generic items. Most branded items carry the cost of the “brand image” and charge consumers more for it. So opt for the unbranded versions, especially food items, and enjoy big savings. Chances are you won’t even notice any difference between the unbranded and name-brand versions!
  • Shop at dollar stores. Cut costs by purchasing some items like coffee, tea, toothpaste and other essentials at dollar stores, which offer deep discounts.
  • Reduce gasoline costs. Keep your auto maintained with regular tune-ups so that fuel efficiency is at its best. You can also save money by choosing regular gas instead of premium.
  • Save energy. If you don’t need to heat/cool all the rooms in your home, don’t do it! Also save on energy costs by replacing old light bulbs with LED bulbs.
  • Save on insurance costs. Many health and auto insurance companies offer great deals for people who are healthy and drive safely, so if that sounds like you, talk to your insurance company about what kind of discounts they might have to offer you!