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Tips & Tricks to Save Money at College

The rumors are true – college is expensive! But with some insider advice, you’ll be saving money like a pro.


1. Open a Totally Free Checking Account at Fidelity Bank.* Many banks charge you fees when you dip below the minimum balance. We know being a college kid is tough enough already, so when we say free, we mean it. That means no minimum daily balance, no monthly maintenance fee, no per check charge, unlimited check writing and more. https://www.lionbank.com/personal/banking-solutions/checking/checking-accounts

Tuition and Fees

2. Consider taking extra classes. Many colleges have payment systems based on attendance, which means, for example, that full-time tuition costs the same whether you take four classes or six classes. If you’re a strong student and manage your time well, you might want to enroll in an extra class or two to get the most for your money.

Housing and Supplies

3. Be realistic about your situation. Living on campus is a great way to meet people and ease into college life. But paying for a dorm and a meal plan can be more expensive than sharing an apartment with roommates or living at home with your parents and commuting to college (if you live close enough). Crunch the numbers to decide what’s best for you.

4. Buy used textbooks and resell them again when you’re finished. Colleges often have used bookstores near campus, or you can check out any number of websites to shop around and get what you need. Required textbooks are usually kept on hold at the library too, so if a book is extremely expensive, hit the library for free instead. Other


5. Ditch the car. Often a bus pass will be included in your student fees and you’ll be able to get around without having to worry about parking, gas or upkeep costs. Many colleges also offer free shuttle services to help students get around the local community safely.
6. Score deals everywhere. College students can get great discounts on everything from dining out to movies to shopping to travel. Check out websites like www.myunidays.com or www.isic.org to learn more. Lots of discounts are available for high school students too, so log on to learn more!

*$50 minimum opening deposit. Fees subject to change. Other fees such as NSF, overdraft fees, etc. may apply. Refer to our current Schedule of Fees.