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Make the Most of Your Summer Job

As a teen, you’re likely aware that the obvious benefit of working a summer job is the opportunity to earn money. But what you may not realize is that along with your paycheck, a summer job can also lead to bigger and better opportunities down the road—ones that may increase your chances of getting into college or help you jumpstart a successful career. Read on to learn how you can make your summer job work for YOU.

Act Responsibly
By simply showing up on time, treating your co-workers with respect and doing your job well, you’ll prove to your employer that you’re a responsible teen. This is extremely important, as a good reputation and relationship with your boss means he or she will likely be willing to serve as a professional reference when you apply to colleges, internships or other jobs in the future.

Show Interest
Ask your employer questions about the job and company you’re working for. By showing interest and acting engaged, you’ll set yourself apart as a more responsible and enthusiastic employee than your fellow teen workers. This will likely earn you a first-choice spot on the hiring list for next summer, and also put you in the lead for any promotions that might be available at the company for younger workers.

Be Observant
Learn as much as you can about the job and industry you’re involved with this summer. You never know when you might spot a potential money-making opportunity that could inspire a successful business of your own! Plus, learning about your work will result in lots of good subject matter for interviews, scholarship/application essays and school assignments.