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The Benefits of Buying a New Home

Once the decision to buy a home is made, your next choice will be whether to buy an existing home or new construction. Sometimes the decision to buy a new home is made very early in the process. For others, the decision is influenced later in the process, perhaps by a favored neighborhood or location. Either way, new homes offer several features and benefits that older homes simply cannot. Here are few examples.
Customization & Personalization
Most new home builders provide opportunities to customize their base floor plans. These alterations can be through pre-designed modules, such as bump-outs or optional extensions. They may allow the buyer to direct specific changes like moving walls or doors and changing room sizes.  Plus, these changes will be complete before you move in.  You won’t have to worry about coordinating contractors or living in a home that is undergoing renovations.
In many ways, a new home is a blank slate. You often have dozens if not hundreds of potential combinations to reflect your personality and desires. From floor to ceiling, you can direct the colors, textures, finishes, and accessories that make your new home truly your new home.
Easier & Less Costly Maintenance
Most buyers of existing homes will get a home inspection that provides details on any current issues, suggests potential trouble areas in the immediate future, and estimates the remaining lifetime of major systems in the home. This helps to negotiate any major issues with the seller at the time closing, but the unexpected does happen from time to time. Wear and tear is unavoidable.
With new homes, however, everything is…well, new. There hasn’t been a whole lot of wear and tear yet. Sure, the unexpected can still happen occasionally, but most new homes come with multi-year warranties for almost everything. From manufacturers’ warranties on the appliances to what is typically a 10-year warranty on major structural elements, new homes offer some protection from major issues.
Modern Amenities
Today’s new homes are often wired to handle today’s wired people. From the quality of the cable and data wiring to the number of electrical outlets available to charge all our devices, new homes reflect our rapidly changing lifestyle. Furthermore, many homebuilders are offering wiring and accessory packages to support things like media rooms, high-capacity Wi-Fi, smart home technology, and more.
The amenities do not stop in the home, either. Newly constructed communities are incorporating many of the features and benefits that are popular today, including walking trails, green areas, clubhouses with pools, workout rooms, and gathering facilities. Some planned communities, rather than building large shopping centers on the outskirts of the residential community, are placing smaller mixed-use retail and office facilities throughout residential areas to provide another popular feature: walkability. New communities are adapting as fast as the homes are.
These are just a few of many benefits to buying a newly constructed home. If you have questions about purchasing a new home, please do not hesitate to contact me. It would be my pleasure to help you obtain the information you need to make informed decisions.