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Follow Your Instinct – Start Saving for Retirement Now

There it is again — that nagging feeling that you should be setting money aside for retirement. Listen to your intuition and contact Fidelity Bank to discuss how an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) could help you secure the comfortable retirement you want and deserve.   

An IRA is an account that allows qualified investors to make limited monetary annual contributions. There are two great benefits of an IRA: you may be able to deduct your contributions in whole or in part early, depending on your circumstances, and earnings are generally not taxed until you take a distribution. IRAs also provide a safe way to save for retirement while earning competitive market interest rates.

From Traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs, starting your own retirement account isn’t difficult. At Fidelity Bank, we’re committed to your financial success so we strive to make the process as easy as possible. Our investment representatives will provide you with unbiased information to help you reach your goals. We’ll explain investment choices, discuss risks and propose a strategy that is appropriate for you.

To learn more or to start your own IRA, call or stop by any one of our branches!