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Business Lending

Business Equity Line of Credit

Do you own your home? Have you been in business for at least 2 years?  If you answered yes to these then Fidelity Bank's Business Equity Line of Credit might be what you need to give your business more financial flexibility. This unique lending program is perfect for small business owners when traditional business financing doesn't fit your needs and you don't want to use your personal credit to fund your business.
  • Long 35-month term
  • Helps you build your business credit
  • Classified as a business loan, not personal
  • Not reported to your personal credit – keeps your business credit separate from personal
  • Typically offers lower rates than traditional revolving line collateralized by business assets
  • Not required to pay down to 0 balance annually like a traditional business revolving line

Medical Buy-In, Buy-Out Loan

More and more doctors are choosing to work together instead of starting a new practice.  Fidelity Bank's Medical Buy-In & Buy-Out Loan program is tailored to the unique needs of medical professionals.  Whether you're buying into a practice for the first time, or buying out a retiring partner, the Medical Buy-In & Buy Out Loan could work for you.

Features and Benefits:
  • Buy a portion of a practice, unlike similar SBA programs
  • Up to 80% Loan-to-Value
  • Flexible terms to fit your budget
  • Borrow up to $250,000

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All loans and lines of credit are subject to normal credit approval criteria.