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Account Reconciliation

Save time, increase productivity

Reconciling your bank accounts is a time-consuming task. Our Account Reconciliation
Services can automate your reconciliation and reporting process to save you time and
increase productivity. We offer a broad range of services — from robust reports with detailed
information on all checks issued and posted to a simple listing of paid checks — that give you
fast access to account information and help protect your company from fraud.

Full Reconciliation

Offers complete reconciliation of outstanding and paid checks with the option of reconciling
accounts by week, month, fiscal or calendar year. Provide us with detailed check issue data,
including account numbers, check numbers, issue dates, dollar amounts and reference
information. From that transmission (issue file) we will reconcile your check activity during
the reconciliation period. Our comprehensive package of reports includes paid, outstanding
and exception items, as well as any other activity related to your account.

Partial Reconciliation

This service provides you with a detailed listing of paid checks, sorted to your instructions.
You receive summary information of account activity and detailed information of paid
checks, stopped items, and debits and credits. You can obtain paid check information in
other formats, including electronic transmission, scheduled to coincide with a specified
reconciliation period.
Subject to approval. Fees and restrictions may apply. Ask us for more details.