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Lockbox/Remittance Banking

Streamline payment collection

If you receive payments by mail, we can help you reduce costs and improve cash flow with an
efficient, cost-effective lockbox system. This process will streamline your payment collection
and help reduce costs while reducing envelope handling, payment posting, and daily trips to
the bank.
Features include:
  • Account Receivable File – a customized daily file to allow for direct updating of your account receivable system.
  • Image File Transfer – allows customers to populate your in-house archive with images from your lockbox.
  • Online Image Access – gives immediate data for customer service, collections and release of goods decisions.
  • Online Exceptions – allows for a timely resolution of unmatched account receivable file exceptions through an online interface.
  • Credit Card Processing – provides payment options for remitter (payors).
  • Accelerated payment processing
  • Reduced operating and administrative costs
  • Replaces need for capital investment in costly in-house processing systems
  • Allows a more efficient reconciliation process
  • Improved receivables management
  • Improved cash flow management through accurate and timely reporting
Subject to approval. Fees and restrictions may apply. Ask us for more details.