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International Services

Let our expertise give you the confidence and freedom to take your business overseas. Our experienced international bankers have the knowledge and tools to help you succeed internationally.

Foreign Exchange

Whatever your exchange needs, Fidelity Bank can arrange trades in principal trading currencies at highly competitive rates. We can also issue drafts in foreign denominations and exchange foreign revenues into U.S. dollars.

Letters of Credit

Our international bankers can issue commercial and standby letters of credit, and advise or confirm letters of credit. We will assist you with all of the technicalities involved with using these instruments.

Documentary Collections

Both direct and remitted documentary collections are handled by our International Trade Services Division and monitored until payment has been made. Our team of bankers has in-depth knowledge and experience in collection procedures and can relieve you of the administrative burdens associated with documentary collections.

Wire Transfer

A wire transfer is the quickest and most reliable way to send and receive money abroad. These electronic transactions are easily tracked using international banking standards.

Import / Export Finance

Whether your business is importing or exporting, Fidelity Bank can help facilitate the trading process and minimize the risk of conducting business internationally.

For exporters, we can help you navigate various financing or guarantee programs such as
  • SBA export revolving line of credit and international trade loans.
  • Advice and information on other appropriate credit alternatives.