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Privacy and Security

Trusteer Rapport

New Online Banking Protection for Fidelity Bank Customers

What is Trusteer Rapport?

Rapport is a security software that helps protect your
Online Banking communication from being stolen by
criminals. Rapport is highly recommended by Fidelity
Bank as an additional layer of security to any anti-virus or security software you already use. By protecting your
internet connection and creating a tunnel for safe communication with Fidelity Bank’s online website,
Rapport blocks malicious attempts to steal money from
your account.


  • Provides alerts to prevent phishing
  • Downloadable in seconds
  • Proven technology
  • Added security with no change in user behavior
  • Provided at no cost by Fidelity Bank
  • Proactive rather than reactive to threats and incidents

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Additional Information:
System Requirements
User Guide


Trusteer Rapport - Dedicated Online Banking Security

  • Trusteer Rapport adds real value on top of your current security software. Trusteer Rapport locks down the browser to prevent malicious browser tampering designed to fool victims into surrendering personal information or approving fraudulent transactions.
  • Trusteer Rapport disables key logging and screen capturing attempts of sensitive application pages such as the login and money transfer pages.
  • Once installed, Trusteer Rapport removes existing financial malware from end-user machines and prevents future infections.
  • Trusteer Rapport prevents credential and payment card data theft by blocking access to suspected phishing (i.e. fake) online banking sites.

Different from Anti-Virus & Firewalls

Anti-virus solutions take days, sometimes even weeks, to detect new financial malware variants and remove them. However, fraud occurs hours after a new malware variant is released. So when your anti-virus provider eventually cleans your computer of the malware, it is already too late to prevent fraud from occurring. Trusteer Rapport protects your computer and mitigates financial malware infections. It also communicates with your bank and allows them to take immediate action against changes in threat.


Easy to Download and Use

  • When you login to your Online Banking account, you will be asked to download Trusteer Rapport. Once you click the Download Now button, the software will download within seconds and work in the background to protect your account.
  • Once installed, a small Rapport icon will appear next to your browser’s address bar as seen in the picture below. This icon is green when you are on a website protected by Rapport, and grey when you are on a website that is not protected by Rapport.
Example of a protected URL
Example of an un-protected URL  

When you first log onto your bank account after installing Rapport, you will see a message asking you to approve the protection of your Online Banking login information. From there on, Rapport works in the background and only pops up if a security risk is identified.