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Online Banking FAQs

Please be sure your browser and settings meet all the requirements for Online Banking access. Following are definitions for the table below:

  • Supported – Full functionality of the product has been tested and successfully meets functional and all minimum design requirements.
  • Allowed – Functionality of the product has been tested and successfully meets functional requirements. Design deficiencies and some functionality issues may occur.
  • Unsupported – Browsers not specified in the matrix below are unsupported. Online Banking has not been tested with unsupported browsers. Browsers in this category are not known to be extensively used as determined by usage statistics for the specific browsers.



  • Mozilla Firefox 30-32*
  • MS Internet Explorer 10-11
  • Google Chrome 36-38
  • Apple Safari 7-7.1
  • Mozilla Firefox 26-29
  • MS Internet Explorer 9
  • Google Chrome 33-35
  • Apple Safari 6

*Recommended browser providing optimal Online Banking functionality and display.


  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Encryption - Your browser must be SSL compliant and support 128-bit encryption.
  • JavaScript - Must be enabled for Online Banking to function properly.  Certain functionality will be unavailable without JavaScript enabled.
  • Cookies – The browser must be set at a minimum to allow 3rd party cookies for the Online Banking interface to properly function.
  • Screen Resolution – A minimum screen resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels is suggested to view the site correctly. 
  • Pop-Up Windows – Must be allowed in the browser for full Online Banking functionality, including session time out notifications.
  • Adobe Flash 11.1 or higher – Required for PFM functionality.
  • Bill Payment providers (FDC partners) – Browser requirements for single sign-on bill payment pages may vary from the above. 
  • SSO (Single-Sign On) – Any institution specific SSOs to 3rd party vendors may have additional browser requirements.