My Life, My Legacy


This guide serves as a tool to assist your loved ones with the information they need to eliminate the difficulties they might face in handling your last wishes and settling your financial affairs.         


Caring for Aging Parents

Most people rely on their children for help managing their affairs as they get older. Sitting down to craft a formal plan to handle situations before they arise will ensure your parents’ wishes are carried out and lessen your burdens. We’re happy to work with you and your family to create a comprehensive plan that addresses:

Health care decisions

  • Who can take care of parents if they need assistance?
  • Is there an advance health care directive or living will in place?

Financial decisions

  • What happens if parents need help managing finances?
  • What are the potential costs for assisted living or long-term care?
  • Is there a durable power of attorney in place?

Estate planning decisions

  • What are your parents’ wishes for leaving property or other assets to heirs?
  • Is there a will and estate plan in place?

Start the Conversation with Your Parents

Talking about finances and end-of-life wishes with your parents can be difficult. Bringing in a third-party advisor can make it easier. Our advisors will walk you through this process so you can rest assured. Contact us for help with your family’s plans for estate administration and day-to-day financial management.

Financial Resources

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Estate Planning Documents
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We do not provide legal or tax advice. Please consult your legal or tax advisor in regards to your own situation.